Lightweight, comfortable and re-usable, tape extensions are one of our most popular methods. Tape hair extensions are known for comfort as they are slim, flat and discreet under the hair. They are great for adding partial thickness and length to certain areas of the hair. They are also suitable for adding length, volume and thickness all over the scalp. Your natural hair is placed between two pieces of tape and sandwiched together to create a seal. It takes a short amount of time to apply tapes hair extensions and they should last up to 6 weeks in the hair before needing them re taped or professionally removed. The hair is reusable up to 8 months when properly cared for.

Maintenance every 6-8 weeks

20” length 4-8 months Hair Lifespan

100g      $495

150g      $695

200g      $895

This is all inclusive and includes;
•Application / cut in / styling


Removal & put back in $250 *If you require a wash & blow dry during please add

Short Hair $45

Medium Hair $55

Long Hair $65

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