Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

The revolutionary new Keratin Treatment eliminates up
to 95% of the frizz and curl from your hair.


(Does not include Style Cut)


Above Shoulder $225
Below Shoulder $300
Bra Length $375
Extra Long/Thick $425


Have you been blessed with curls or wavy hair and have wondered about Straightening. Well here is the good and bad in the world of Hair Straightening. When you have naturally curly hair you basically have two options. You can accept it “as is” or you can straighten it with a few different options.

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If you decide to straighten it you can do it chemically or you can do it with products that promise to temporarily tame the curls on a day by day basis. The most common reason that people decide to have their hair straightened is to eliminate frizz. Sometimes this process will be used also to soften or eliminate wavy hair. Permanent hair straightening, involves a process where the basic structure of overly curly or wavy hair is changed into a straight form.


Consult a Professional

Chemical hair straightening is not a difficult procedure, but it does require a thorough technical knowledge of the relaxing process. Therefore it should always be performed by a professional with a track record of success with straightening.


The stylist will also need to evaluate your current hair texture, porosity, elasticity and the presence or absence of any hair damage. Fine, chemically lightened, or coloured hair generally requires a very mild relaxing formula. Normal, medium-textured virgin hair can tolerate regular strength relaxers. Coarse virgin hair may require a strong or super relaxing formula. Our Professionals will be able to determine the best type of relaxing formula.


With the Introduction of Olaplex we can now eliminate damage with our Permanent Straightening, this is very exciting as in the past Chemical Straightening could not be performed on overly coloured or lightened hair. Thanks to Olaplex you can now have it all. The procedure of permanent straightening involves the application of the relaxer product, neutralizer and shampoos & conditioners designed specifically for relaxers. This is done with either a hot or cold method. The cold method results in a smoothing and relaxing of the curl and relaxes frizz. It will not give a complete straight finish. The hot method involves ironing the hair between applications of the relaxer and results in very smooth & straight frizz free finish for even the most unruly hair. It should be mentioned that unrealistic transformations are often advertised and can lead to disappointing results. The natural cross structure and bond of the hair means a complete ironing board straight finish for some hair types is not realistic and this should be taken into consideration and is always part of your consultation with a professional.


There are several popular relaxer supermarket home kits available. Being an “over the counter product” they will lack the strength to give a professional long lasting result, although these kits are often also used for re-growth touch-ups overlapping the chemicals onto your already straightened hair can cause or breakage. Typically a strong relaxing treatment will last between 9-12 months depending on the hair’s texture and growth.


After Care

Regular deep treatments are a must on hair that is chemically relaxed. Plan on doing a deep moisture/ protein treatment and or Olaplex treatment once a week. Newly relaxed hair tends to become drier and lacks moisture. Use a moisturizing shampoo designed for chemically treated hair. We recommend replacing your conditioner with a moisture mask, this way every time you condition your hair you are giving it the extra levels of moisture. This is also a great way of doing treatments when you are pushed for time. This will help to restore the appearance of chemically processed hair.


Avoid relaxing hair and then colouring it at the same time. This can be very risky for the hair. If you absolutely must colour and relax your hair in the same time period it is best to relax the hair first and then wait 2 weeks before colour is applied. If you are unsure you can have a Strand Test completed by JPS where a small section is tested.


So if you desire beautiful smooth straight locks of hair, it come be done and with the correct maintenance it will stay healthy last and look fantastic and you can have styles never possible before. JPS Consultation are free, if you are considering hair straightening come and discuss it with us and get all of the facts.