Brow and Lip Tattoo

Feather, Combo & Powder Brows – Starting from $495 including your consultation and first appointment.
We offer a Perfection visit four weeks later from $100 if needed.

We are experts in natural-looking Eyebrow Tattoos.

If your brows have been over plucked or have gaps maybe you want a completely new shape, then this service is the answer. Feather Brows is a semi-permanent technique now replacing the block tattoo technique.
Feather Brows is a technique that recreates the fine hair strokes. Powder Brows is a soft powder effect, more like powder makeup.  And Combo brows is an Ombre look, starting with fine strokes and blending into the powder finish.  This is our most popular Eyebrow Treatment.  Feather & Powder Brows starting from $495, Combo brows starting from $595



Lip Blush Tattoo

One of the most popular cosmetic tattooing trends right now is lip blushing! The light dusting of colour is perfect to add definition to the lip line creating the illusion of a fuller pout without filler!   Your colour is completely customizable, from soft nudes to match your favorite lip balm to as bright as you dare!
We offer complimentary consultations with our trained technicians, give us a call!

Lip Blush $749